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Writing Research Proposals for Epidemiologists

Today, English is the main - and most widely internationally accepted - language used for writing research proposals, yet not everyone is academically fluent in English. Even native English speakers can often benefit from improving their English academic writing skills, the lack of which can lead to lack of clarity, confusion and rejection. In other words, the quality of the English used can make or break your research proposal.

  • LocationHome
  • Duration6 weeks, 7hrs / wk
  • Starting moment26 May 2025
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Teaching methodOnline
  • CertificationCertificate
  • Price€515
  • ECTS1.5 EC

Presenting Your Research Confidently

Have you ever wondered how you can present your research results in a more confident manner? In this course you will learn how to improve both your preparation and your presentation skills. You will discover how to design your visuals in the clearest and most appropriate way, structure your presentation correctly, get and keep the audience’s attention, make good use of your voice and body language, and handle questions from the audience.

  • LocationHome
  • Duration4 weeks, 4 hrs / wk
  • Starting moment13 January 2025
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Teaching methodOnline
  • CertificationCertificate
  • Price€140
  • ECTS0.5 EC

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