Cardiovascular Epidemiology (online)

  • Duration3 weeks, 14 hrs per week
  • Starting moment6 May 2024
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Teaching methodOnline
  • CertificationCertificate
  • Price€1,030
  • ECTS1.5 EC

Cardiovascular Epidemiology

The objective of this online medical course is to provide you with insights into the principles of cardiovascular disease (CVD) epidemiology and the important issues that are involved – plus a lot more besides. Unlike many other courses that only go into one particular topic in depth, this course will enable you to ‘zoom out’ from your own direct research in order to look at the bigger picture. By doing so, you will be able to see your own work or research from a broader perspective. Furthermore, this is an essential course to follow if you want to gain a broader understanding of cardiovascular epidemiology than you would in your own specialty.

Target Group

Our courses are aimed at clinical researchers, nurses, general practitioners, and other health professionals who want to improve their skills in epidemiology, statistics and (clinical) research.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the process of atherosclerosis, which is the underlying pathology for the most common cardiovascular diseases
  • Describe the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases
  • Describe the worldwide trends in cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular disease mortality
  • Describe the triggers for a cardiovascular event
  • Understand the principles for prevention of cardiovascular diseases


3 March 2025, 3 weeks, 14 hrs per week

Please note, even though you can manage your own time our courses are not intended as individual education. By learning together you will gain depth in your learning process, which is very important. Therefore flexibility from students, a positive attitude towards teachers and peers and the willingness to learn together and help each other is invaluable to our courses


Enrollment for the course starting 6 May 2024 closes on 29 April 2024!

Application and More Information

Application and More Information


Utrecht University & UMC Utrecht employees

Employees of Utrecht University and the UMCU are eligible for a 10% discount on online courses from the MSc Epidemiology programme with Elevate Health.

Utrecht University & UMC Utrecht students

All students attending Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht are eligible for a 10% discount on online courses from the MSc Epidemiology programme with Elevate Health.

More Information

More Information