Teaching in Higher Education in an International Classroom (THEIC)

  • LocationUtrecht
  • Duration284 hours
  • Starting moment15 oktober 2024
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Teaching methodAt location
  • CertificationCertificate
  • Price€4,290

This unique course combines the didactic teaching qualification course with a focus on teaching in the international classroom. The course is equivalent to the official teaching qualification course for teachers at universities of applied sciences, in Dutch: Basiskwalificatie Didactische Bekwaamheid, BDB


The course meetings are planned around themes that are relevant for teaching, course design and assessment. Themes for teaching include teacher-class interaction in lectures, tutorials, practicals and in supervising students, with a focus on teaching and learning in an international context.

Related to course design we will focus on formulating learning objectives, designing effective learning activities and assignments whilst taking into account the cultural factors that play a role in an international learning environment.

Lastly, for the theme assessment and grading, aspects such as different grading systems and different assessment practices are addressed and the role of feedback is discussed.

Suitable for

Dutch and international teachers at Universities of Applied Sciences (in Dutch: HBO) who teach in an international classroom


After you have successfully finished this programme, you will be able to:

  • Analyse and improve your own teaching behaviour systematically in an international classroom, especially how you influence effective learning of your students who are often non-native speakers of English
  • Methodically design or revise the courses you teach, in which you apply the principles of active learning on defining learning objectives, designing learning activities and assessing students and adept this to an international context
  • Systematically reflect on your knowledge, skills and attitudes and hence guide your professional development and cultural sensitivity as a teacher.


Participants receive a Teaching Qualification in Higher Education (TQHE-IC, in Dutch: BDB) when all sessions have been attended and the portfolio shows that the applicant masters all necessary competencies for obtaining the Teaching Qualification in Higher Education in an International Classroom.

Teaching Qualification Assessment and Examination in an International Classroom

The course can be combined with the course Teaching Qualification Assessment and Examination in an International Classroom (TQA-IC) to acquire a qualification in assessment and examination in Universities of Applied Sciences (in Dutch: BasisKwalificatie Examinering - BKE).

Incompany / customized course?

We also provide this course incompany, and customized if desired. Are you curious about the possibilities? Please contact us. We are happy to think along with you.

There are seven course days focusing on the following topics:

  • Session 1: Making the connection (introduction/intercultural competences)
  • Session 2: Lectures and activating students
  • Session 3: Motivation, self-regulation and feedback for learning
  • Session 4: Designing engaging lessons
  • Session 5: Coaching individual students
  • Session 6: Dealing with inclusion, teaching philosophy statements
  • Session 7: Assessment and grading in an international classroom (what are the challenges)

Dates '24 - '25

Session 1: 15 October ‘24
Session 2: 12 November ‘24
Session 3: 26 November ‘24
Session 4: 17 December ‘24
Session 5: 21 January ‘25
Session 6: 11 February ‘25
Session 7: 11 March ‘25
Portfolio interviews 26 May – 6 June ‘25


Dr. Ivana Brasileiro Reis Pereira

Dr. Ivana Brasileiro Reis Pereira


Dr. G. (Gemma) Corbalan Perez

Dr. G. (Gemma) Corbalan Perez


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“As a teacher we often master the content, but don’t always know how to get this across effectively. This is where the course has been most useful to me. ”

THEIC participant

“I am more aware of the impact of cultural differences in education and communication, so I can respectfully adapt my attitude where and when needed, to bridge the gap.”

THEIC participant