About us

As a professional you never stop learning

Would you like to keep developing yourself at an academic level? Are you looking for a short course or a Master’s programme with a certificate or diploma? Utrecht University Offers:

Quality of education and research

UU continuously has attention for the lecturer professionalisation. They are enthusiastic and excel in their fields of expertise. Every year, we score high in international rankings.


We approach issues from multiple disciplines external link and you are provided with various perspectives: from science, peer-to-peer and guest lecturers from practice.


Many of our education programmes have flexible setups, such as in modules and online knowledge clips. This will enable you to combine your learning track with your work and private life in a good way.

What do we ask from you?

You are curious, hbo+ educated and willing to invest in your development. You will also submit your own cases and questions from practice.

What will you get out of it?

You will learn from lecturers and participants. This will result in new ideas that help you to get ahead in your job or to make the next step in your career. Afterwards, you will receive a certificate or diploma (Bachelor’s or Master’s) from Utrecht University.