CLIL Complete

  • LocationUtrecht
  • Duration4 days
  • Starting momentFall 2024
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Teaching methodOn location
  • CertificationCertificate
  • Price€1,175

Do you wonder how to motivate pupils to speak English in class? How to make sure texts and materials are at the right level for your students? How to handle feedback in a CLIL class? In

In this practical 4-day course for new and experienced CLIL teachers, you learn about and improve your CLIL teaching methodology. CLIL teachers teach their subject (e.g. biology) and a second language (usually English) simultaneously. This course allows you to experience a variety of CLIL-focused activities and create your own ideas and materials for lessons.

For who?

The CLIL Complete course is open to teachers from all schools, and suitable for new as well as experienced teachers.


We can also set up a number of workshops especially for your school.

This 4-day course deals with the following core topics:

What is CLIL?
Introduction to CLIL

Active learning
Why is active learning important? You will experience various ‘active learning activities’ that you can use in your own classrooms immediately.

Vocabulary in CLIL and the use of Personal Idiom Files (PIFs)
How do learners learn new language, how can you actively use vocab in your lessons and how can PIFs support vocab learning?

Understanding input & Guiding Understanding in CLIL
Differentiating between content level and language level, and the role of scaffolding in your CLIL lessons.

Encouraging Output: Speaking in CLIL
Why is spoken output important in CLIL lessons? What challenges do teachers face and what activities can help encouraging your learners to speak English?

Encouraging Output: Writing in CLIL
How to design fun, challenging and authentic writing activities in CLIL? Taking into account the purpose, audience, structure and text type.

Implementing European and International Orientation (EIO) in your lessons
What are key concepts of EIO and how can those be implemented in your lessons?

Feedback in CLIL
What is effective feedback and how do you handle feedback on language in a CLIL lesson?

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Incompany / customized course?

We also provide this course incompany, and customized if desired. Are you curious about the possibilities? Please contact us. We are happy to think along with you.


Dr. Marjolein Cremer

Dr. Marjolein Cremer


Dr. Ivana Brasileiro Reis Pereira

Dr. Ivana Brasileiro Reis Pereira

Do you have an (educational) question, or are you curious about in-company and customisation options? We would be happy to explore the possibilities with you.

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